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0 comments | September 12th 2014

Stress-induced Breach of the Gut Lining


by Mary Boudreau Conover BSNed

The intestinal barrier can be damaged by life threatening injuries, psychological stress1, NSAIDS, prolonged physical exertion2,3, and/or heat stress4,5,6. Heat stress will be covered separately in a later blog.

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0 comments | September 4th 2014

Strength Gained Can Be Long-Lived

Strength gained can be long-lived

Mary Boudreau Conover, RN BSNed

I have often said that fitness is cheap. You can gain metabolic fitness in a matter of a few weeks, as well as lose it. But in the matter of strength, an essence of it stays with you, like a muscle legacy. I dare say “forever”? Here my great friend Mary Boudreau Conover, retired RN, author and lecturer gives us the details on what strength gains can mean to us in the long term. – Eva T. Read on…

0 comments | August 28th 2014

Marijuana Use and Gray Matter

Marijuana Use and Gray Matter

by Mary Boudreau Conover BSNed

The data from Gilman et al 2014 studies (1) on recreational marijuana use in young adults compared to nonusing controls suggested that marijuana exposure is associated with alterations in the gray matter of the brain, particularly that of density, volume and shape. The first clue to the significance of this fact is that 95% of the blood pumped to the brain flows to the gray matter. That’s a pretty generous allotment and reflects the importance of the area served.

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0 comments | August 16th 2014

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This e-book will consist of 30 workouts that you can do in a short amount of time and take them anywhere! There is no equipment needed. You can view the workouts on your computer or mobile devices, along with the simple instructional videos. Get these workouts in hand so they can use them on vacations, business trips, at home, or at the beach! It will make for a handy tool to keep up your fitness, right in your pocket!

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0 comments | July 7th 2014

Training for Long-Term Success – Breaking Muscle Radio Broadcast

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What is your starting point when you walk into the gym? Do you know how hard you should go, and, do you make adjustments accordingly? If you do, what is your baseline? In this podcast we talk about the optimum amount of training for the individual and how you can quantify where you are so you can qualify yourself to work out. Read on…