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0 comments | July 7th 2014

Training for Long-Term Success – Breaking Muscle Radio Broadcast

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What is your starting point when you walk into the gym? Do you know how hard you should go, and, do you make adjustments accordingly? If you do, what is your baseline? In this podcast we talk about the optimum amount of training for the individual and how you can quantify where you are so you can qualify yourself to work out. Read on…

0 comments | June 17th 2014

Coming Soon: Eva T.’s Pocket Workouts – Your Guide to A Scorching Summer Body

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First Day of Summer It’s ON!
I am excited to announce that we are about a week away from launching the first in a series: Eva T.’s Pocket Workouts – Your Guide to a Scorching Summer body! The ebook will consist of 30 workouts that you can do in a short amount of time and take them anywhere! Read on…

0 comments | June 9th 2014

Designer Drinks? – Your Guide to a Scorching Summer Body

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You are doing a great job watching what you eat, whole foods, go you! You should know how designer drinks can sabotage your body composition and your scorching summer body. I see so many folks complaining about their body composition while sipping on a “crappacino” they purchased from the local coffee shop and I wonder if they realize that this habit is harmful to their health.  Beware. Read on…

0 comments | June 3rd 2014

Dress to Impress! Show Off Your Scorching Summer Body


When you head to the beach it is important to be in a suit you feel confident in. If you are active on the beach that means wearing one that will stay on! Even the best bodies can look less than perfect if dressed inappropriately. So, here are 5 simple tips for enhancing your scorching summer beach body! Read on…

2 comments | May 27th 2014

Dream Your Way to a Scorching Summer Body!


Quality sleep can help you lose body fat!  After a good nights rest, you can combat stress and keep your cortisol levels at their optimum so that your eating and exercise regimen can work to their maximum. Read on…