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0 comments | April 18th 2014

Flossing Part 1- with Mark Rogers


Systemic Inflammation

As a dental hygienist, my biggest struggle is to convince my clients to floss regularly. It is not only important for their teeth, but also important for systemic health by reducing systemic inflammation. You’ve heard of gut permeability and the hazards that it can cause to your health, both physically and mentally, right? Read on…

0 comments | March 25th 2014

Eva T. S&C History on Front Desk HQ…


To organize my business I use Front Desk HQ, a business management software. It has been a fantastic tool for me to organize my consultations and keep track of my clients. Recently Front Desk asked me to write a blog post about the history of my career as a ski racer and how it has transformed to my business today. Read on…

0 comments | March 18th 2014

How Is The Deadlift Like A Cobra Daytona Coupe?

Cobra Daytona Coupe

This article is a very technical article and I posted it knowing this.  If you are a geek about details, you will love it! For those of you who want to dig in we will appreciate your comments! Thanks to – Mary Boudreau Conover and her husband Ed, two brilliant minds helping us understand the specifics of physics and the deadlift! -Eva T. Read on…

0 comments | March 3rd 2014

Adrenal Fatique Aggregate


A lot of folks have been inquiring about adrenal fatigue, workouts, and how to manage them together. Since I have written quite a bit on the subject I am writing this short post with the intention of answering many questions through articles that are already in my blog.

Read on…

0 comments | January 23rd 2014



Mary Boudreau Conover BSNed

Oxidants are a normal product of aerobic metabolism, but under stress they carry an over abundance of oxygen molecules that contain unpaired electrons, called free radicals. Electrons normally come in pairs. When unpaired, they are highly reactive because of their physiological need to  be paired with another electron. In an effort to satisfy this need, they start a chain reaction that can damage or kill the cell under attack. This damage extends to all components and functions of the cell, including proteins, lipids, DNA, and cell signaling. Read on…