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0 comments | November 18th 2015

Athletic Greens – How I use them

Athletic Greens

I struggle to ingest enough veggies on a good day, so, when life takes its ups and downs my nutrition suffers. Recently I had some major stuff go down in my private life. There were days where I didn’t ingest anything, not even water. As much as I knew it was important to take care of myself, some days just flew by and I never even got a chance to be healthy. Read on…

0 comments | October 20th 2015

Darryl Edwards – Hate Exercise, Love Movement


In episode 6 of the MDME™ Podcast, The Fitness Explorer, Darryl Edwards, tells us how he changed his life from a desk jockey at 26% body fat to a very active, healthy “play out-er”.  After reflecting at what he enjoyed as a child, he moved away from athletic performance to a healthy fun and games approach to movement. Read on…

0 comments | September 22nd 2015

Get Ready for the Slopes!


Summer is over and it is time to get ready for the ski slopes. Last year, Eva T. S&C brought out a one month preparation training ebook specifically to get you ready! And you can get 20% off for two weeks*! Read on…

2 comments | September 15th 2015

Melissa Hartwig – Your Relationship with Food

Melissa Hartwig

My guest in episode 5 of the MDME™ Podcast is Melissa Hartwig. She talks about what an efficient lifestyle looks like for her. She outlines why context matters, why her balance might not be the same as everyone else’s and why she stopped training today and rather decided to do some mobility and call it a day. And yes, she’ll “kick you ass” at yoga. Read on…

0 comments | September 3rd 2015

Joel Jamieson – The Data Doesn’t Lie


In episode 4 of the MDME™ Podcast, I talk to Joel Jamieson, founder and head honcho at 8WeeksOut and person behind the BioForce HRV. Find out how Joel uses the MDME™ approach for his clients and why he thinks this is the best way to guarantee longevity in any sporting endeavour. Read on…