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0 comments | October 17th 2014

Eva T.’s SkiStrong – Get Yours Today!

Eva T.'s SkiStrong Cover

For most skiers, Thanksgiving is considered to be opening day of the season. Guess what? It’s coming right up! You may be getting physically prepared or you may be planning to head into the season “cold turkey” so to speak. Wherever you are on the spectrum, I am here to help, with an e-book tool for anyone who needs a little help with conditioning and tissue prep for the ski season. Read on…

0 comments | October 14th 2014

SkiStrong Comes Out Tomorrow – Get Your Discount!


Tomorrow is the big day where I release the SkiStrongTM Pocket WorkoutsTM. What can you expect? As a 2 time Olympian in Alpine Skiing, I experienced what were the most important movements to prepare for the season. Sign up for my “Coming Soon” list and you will get a 10% discount! Read on…

0 comments | October 7th 2014

SkiStrong Pocket Workouts


Introducing the perfect, fun, pre-season progression that will prepare your body to take advantage of the fun to be had this winter! Read on…

0 comments | September 25th 2014

Heat Stress and the Immune Response


by Mary Boudreau Conover BSNed

Welcome to part 2 of STRESS. In part 1 we covered prolonged excessive exertional stress and psychological stress. Both heat stress and intense exercise reduce blood flow to the intestines in order to provide the skin with an increased perfusion of blood for heat dissipation. Read on…

1 comment | September 12th 2014

Stress-induced Breach of the Gut Lining


by Mary Boudreau Conover BSNed

The intestinal barrier can be damaged by life threatening injuries, psychological stress1, NSAIDS, prolonged physical exertion2,3, and/or heat stress4,5,6. Heat stress will be covered separately in a later blog.

Read on…