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0 comments | September 3rd 2015

Joel Jamieson – The Data Doesn’t Lie


In episode 4 of the MDME™ Podcast, I talk to Joel Jamieson, founder and head honcho at 8WeeksOut and person behind the BioForce HRV. Find out how Joel uses the MDME™ approach for his clients and why he thinks this is the best way to guarantee longevity in any sporting endeavour. Read on…

0 comments | August 25th 2015

Becca Borawski Jenkins – Live Simply

Becca Borawski Jenkins

In episode 3 of the MDME™ Podcast, I interview Becca Borawski Jenkins, managing editor of Breaking Muscle. We explore how Becca has decided to live a simpler life and why she is building her own RV. Read on…

0 comments | August 6th 2015

MDME™ Training Starts With Recovery – The “UN-Training” Challenge


The MDME™ Training Model will work for  you if you have a solid base of recovery. So, to remind you about some ways to get there, I am bringing back a post that I want to embellish on. This is for everyone, but, in honor of the “Type A’s” out there I’ll call it: The “UN-Training Challenge”.  Read on…

0 comments | July 29th 2015

Eva T. on the Super Strength Show Podcast

Eva T. on the Super Strength Show

Thank you, Super Strength Show for having me on your podcast! This gave me the ability to be “on the other side” of an interview and be grateful to all the people that have contributed to my journey. Read on…

3 comments | July 21st 2015

Dallas Hartwig – What Really Matters to You


In this episode 2 of the Eva T. Strength and Conditioning podcast, I talk to Dallas Hartwig, co-founder of Whole9 and co-author of  New York Times Bestsellers It Starts With Food and The Whole30 Book about his view on lifestyle choices and how they relate to health.

Read on…