About Eva T

Eva T. is a 2X Olympian in Alpine Skiing ( Albertville and Lillehammer ) and a 12 year veteran of the U.S. Ski Team. She has won 6 National Championships, Won a world Championship Bronze Medal, and is a World Technical Skiing Champion. She also is a Masters Weightlifting Champion. In 2011 she was inducted to the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame! She is now sharing her experiences from her athletic career and her knowledge in the Health and Fitness realm. As a sought after coach, consultant, and a Kalish Institute Certified Functional Wellness Practitioner, she offers her services online as well as in person to help people experience an utmost quality of life!


Eva T.’s Three Peaks

Eva T Strength & Conditioning - the 3 PeaksA balance of the 3 peaks are optimal for a good quality of life. Whether you are training to succeed in a sport, or just want optimum health and longevity, Eva T.’s 3 peaks is a comprehensive model for success.

During my peaks of performance in competition as an Olympic athlete, I thought I was one of the healthiest in the world. That would also have been the common opinion of those interested in the Olympic Games. In retrospect, I wasn’t. Learn more …

MDME™ Training

Eva T Strength & Conditioning - Minimum Dose Maximum EffectMinimum Dose Maximum Effect (MDME™) is a training theory based on programming only the amount of training and  degree of intensity needed to reach or maintain a good body composition and  support you physically in the sports and passions in your life.

MDME™ training is the product of a long experience with my own overtraining mistakes, seeing others overtrain, and the amalgamation of the views of the best coaches in the country on training doses. Learn how to train the MDME™ way …

Eva T’s Team

Roland Jungwirth

Roland Jungwirth

Roland is a strength and conditioning coach that works out of Cape Town, South Africa. Starting with Judo and Tennis, he competed in Karate, Volleyball and Beach Volleyball. He played Beach Volleyball competitively for over 10 years in Europe. He was a co-founder of the first CrossFit affiliate in Cape Town, South Africa. Through his extensive travels in Europe, South Africa and USA he was instrumental in changing the perception of fitness and well-being in a wide variety of people.

He is also the CEO of the web-design and -development company Top-Node IT, which focuses on performance based solutions for small and medium sized businesses.